An Enchanted Midsummer Eve…

British Flowers Week celebrates pretty much all I believe in- British. IS. Best.

I was fortunate enough to be one of New Covent Gardnen Market’s profiled florists in 2015, and the opportunity did wonders for my little business. I would tirelessly with local and national growers using and promoting their product- not because I am being paid; not because I am on commission but because, in my heart, I believe in it… Using local, for anything, means you get a better quality product- fresher, more scented flowers with a longer vase life.

Last Summer, I wanted to keep hype up and so I collaborated with the guys at The Cabinet Rooms to bring guests ‘Some Enchanted Evening: A Celebration of British Flowers and Midsummer Cocktails. We filled River Cottage Canteen, Winchester, with the most delicious, heady scented roses, herbs, elderflower and seasonal flowers including cornflowers and scabious.

Marcus and Gary curated 3 sensational cocktails, based around English botanicals, which were a real treat for our guests, at the ticketed event, and I spoke about, well, British flowers!

My team and I created a hanging canopy of moss, flowers heads, hanging rose petals, a hop arch, a flower crown station for guests to enjoy, buttonholes for the men and various other bits of decor around the venue- it really was a lot of fun to design and curate.

It was a truly wonderful event- huge thanks to my team who really worked hard on this one! We pulled it off girls! Thank you to The Real Flower Company for sponsoring us, and to Ria Mishaal Photography for capturing the evening so beautifully.

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Hedsor House wedding flowers

I have been itching to work at Hedsor House for an age, and we finally got our chance when the beautiful Leah and Richard asked me to provide their florals for their December wedding… Leah didn’t want the scheme to feel wintery- it had to be warm and flower full, with lots of texture and pops of colour from a white base.

I used amaryllis, genista, anemone, ranunculus, eucalyptus, anemone, euphorbia, hellebore, jasmine, hydrangea, amaranthus, nerine, rose, snapdragon, astrantia, lisianthus, waxflower, chrysanthemum, lily, astilbe, sweet william, brunia, olive, lilac and other seasonal treats.

A million thank you’s to Ria Mishaal, the couples photographer, for these jaw-dropping images, and for taking so many flowers pictures!!











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5-day Career Course… until next year!

January see’s our longest, 5-day course take place at the Jay Archer Floral Design Flower School and this year in was in our new premises! Yay! I am pleased to report the space worked well, and it was so wonderful to see it being enjoyed by our delegates.

Meeting people, learning more about them and helping develop their style and confidence is the most incredible thing… I cannot help but miss these magical beings when they go. But then, I have the photographs to look forward to- and here’s the first sneaks back from our resident photographer, Ria Mishaal! Huge thanks to all our suppliers including The Real Flower Company, who provided these magnificent scented roses.

More on our 5-day Career Course soon.


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