August Summer wedding flowers, Fulham Palace

It’s not okay to keep the bridal bouquet for yourself, but sometimes I wish I could. I loved making Rosalie’s, with those killer ‘Charity’ David Austin roses and *those* cafe au lait dahlia. Swoon-worthy, I hope you’ll agree…

Thank you to Neale James Photography for the flowergirl, venue and Chapel shots.


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269_withers-fulhampalace 270_withers-fulhampalace

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Fulham Palace Summer wedding flowers

Lorna and Lachlan married at All Saints Fulham, before holding their reception at Fulham Palace- one of my favourite venues to dress.

We used loads of English roses, seasonal flowers and my fave stone bowl compotes for this gig, and it was a pleasure to work alongside Philippa Sian Photography for the first time- thanks for the beautiful images Philippa!



ll_philippa_sian_photography-554 ll_philippa_sian_photography-175

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ll_philippa_sian_photography-462 ll_philippa_sian_photography-464


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Autumn reflection… what a corker of a season

It’s about that time of year when I start feeling all melancholy and thoughtful, but I have learnt to realise it’s not sadness, but what I have come to call ‘soul food’ time; a time when I need to recover, slow down and restock.

The wedding season is brutal- a season that once ran May-September but, for me at least now runs mainly April- December. During peak season anyone working in the industry says goodbye to sleep, a social life and decent eating habits to be replaced by an average 3 hours a night, friends thinking you’ve dropped off the face of the planet and leaving notes on the kitchen table to your spouse. And gaining about 7lbs. Our staple diet at this time is diet coke (sometimes we go all out and get the full fat), cheese sarnies and we choose comfort over style.

Things usually start quietening down in the Autumn (not this year!!), before the Christmas rush and it’s a time for catching up, shedding the extra poundage (or hiding it under the seasons key cable knits) and reflecting on what a truly remarkable season it’s been- each one better than last years, as one would hope. I did have time for a little pause and catch up here, and it reminded me how important it is to stop and, ahem, smell the roses.

By the end of October I’ll have finished another 6 weddings this month, with only one in November but with Flower School season in full swing there’s not too much time for idle bums.

This year, I have added another award to my repertoire, have travelled to other flower schools for guest teaching, furthered my own knowledge and found time to study, completed some of the most beautiful and biggest weddings of my career and, of course, ran my Flower School which, thanks to the Channel 4 programme you might have seen us one, has mainly sold out for this season! But more of all of that in December, when we’ll have another exciting announcement to share with you for 2017.

For now, I just wanted to share some of my favourite images from the season, of our work. And when I say ‘our’, I mean it- my team are the hardest working bunch of girls I know; they’re physically strong, never complain and just crack the fuck on knocking the shit out of our events and amazing me, time after time. Thanks girls- hand on heart I could NOT do it without you- your dedication, passion and sheer hard craft. Thanks also to my rock aka husband. You got me.

dsc_2111 dsc_2075

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